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Features & Benefits:

  • NFC Technology & QR code!

    • Simply tap your phone ​to The Touchless Menu to pull up your online menu.

    • NFC works with 100+ common smart phones​​

    • Older phones can still scan the QR code to access your menu.

  • Your Brand is Front & Center​.

    • QR codes are not attractive, your Logo is. ​

    • Touchless Menu was designed to make your Logo POP off of The Touchless Menu and compliment any surface.

  • Works with your existing online menu. 

    • If you already have a menu online, Touchless Menu simply provides a beautiful way for your guests to quickly and easily access your menu on their phone. No new software, no new hardware, no monthly fees. Simple!​

  • Can be cleaned, sanitized and removed​

    • 4 removable adhesive pads allow you to let The Touchless Menu live on the table. Simply wipe it down when you're cleaning. ​

  • Change your menu more frequently, without having to reprint every single menu!

    • Your online menu can change when ever you need it to. If you're out of a product, simply take it off the menu that evening or signify when it will be available again using your existing online menu portal. ​

    • Add features nightly or add prices to those "Market Price" items. 

Touchless Menu Details & Price​​:

  • 2.13" Wide   x     3.37" Tall   x    1 mm Thick

  • 4 removable adhesive pads per Touchless Menu included

  • $10 per Touchless Menu 

  • Free Shipping in the U.S.A.

  • Delivered within 72 hours

Recommended Order Guide: (These are recommended to give guests reachable access to The Touchless Menu. Order as you would like.)

  • 1 per table of 6 guests or less

  • 1 per 6 guests for larger tables

  • 1 per 4 guests at bar seating


  • $10 per month - No Set up fee

  • Simply upload a .pdf of your menu when you want to change it, or multiple if you have different meal periods

  • We will provide you with the link to your menu for you to use wherever you would like

  • No need to spend thousands of dollars designing or hosting your own website.​​

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