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Change your Menu

For Starters

Tactile Menus are Dirty

With COVID-19, guests are far more conscious about sanitation when they are dining out. Menus are covered in germs as they are passed from guest to guest. Touchless Menus are displayed on the phone they are already using. 

Our Industry needs change

With online menus, you can change your menu when you need to. You don't have to incur a large printing cost just to change a price or amend a dish. Immediately update menus from your office in the middle of a shift if needed. 

The Possibilities are limitless

Put a menu item that you need to sell in the prime menu spot. Change the menu for the night for a special event without printing costs. Have guests share your menu right from their phone. Filter out dietary restricted items. Touchless Menus work with your existing online menu and web developer to create your menu.

Hosting Service

Hosting available for $10/month

You don't need a website to use Touchless Menu. We can host your menu for you for only $10 a month. 

Order Now!


Touchless Menu

Simple to Order and Set up

We know your time is very valuable. We wanted to make Ordering and Setting up Touchless Menu as simple as possible. All you need is:

1.)Your Logo

2.)The URL to your existing online menu**

That's it! Once your Touchless Menus arrive they are ready to put out on the table and use. No need to activate or set up. 

**(You will need a .pdf of your menu if you don't have your menu online already and would like us to host it online for you.)

$10 Per Touchless Menu

Our Touchless Menu is a

one-time purchase of $10 per Touchless Menu. There's no monthly or hidden fees. 

Simply Tap to View

NFC technology in our Touchless Menu means your guests only need to "tap" their phone to the menu to view. No app needed on over 100+ common smart phone types.

Or scan the QR code

QR code available for older phone types. Simply open the phone's native camera app and scan the QR code.

Clean along with the Table

Touchless Menus are Waterproof and can live on the table. Just clean them right along with your the table between parties. They can be removed and re-adhered for deep cleaning. 

Change where your Touchless Menu directs your guests

Touchless Menu is routed through allowing you to change where your menu address whenever you need to without having to reorder your menus. 

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